Myers Industries Waste Management – Commercial Waste Pickup

Myers Industries is a family owner and operated Waste Management business serving customers across Prince Edward Island since 1995. After much operational and managerial experience in the dairy and bakery business, Garth entered the garbage business with a half ton truck and 4 accounts. Today‚Äôs operations include residential garbage removal for more than 9000 homes and 1800 cottages in Kings County. Commercial waste removal is reaching province wide with commercial/residential roll off business serving both residential and commercial customers. …read more.

What We Offer...

  • Prompt & Friendly Service

    Need a bin dropped off same day? That's no problem.

  • Family Owned for Over 15 years

    Myers Industries is family owned since Garth started it. Garth's son Clinton is also an owner.


  • No Contract Necessary

    We don't require contracts for service.

  • Recycling & Waste Services

    We can offer our residential and commercial customers full recycling and waste services.